Sunday Market Surabaya Vol. 4
Monday, December 30, 2013 // 1 comment(s)

It was started when I felt so desperate 'cause what I did was just sitting in front of my laptop or laying on bed to read books. I already knew that I wasted my time. So I'm not sure what I was looking for that day, but I ended up on +Hestia Istiviani 's twitter and started to stalk her. Apparently, she is an activist on campus and outside campus. And I was inspired. From her tweets, I know about SYC (Surabaya Youth Community), TEDxTugu Pahlawan, and of course, Sunday Market! They were looking for volunteers. Without asking my parents' permission, I signed up. And few days later, they called me for meeting. I knew I was gonna step into a whole different world.

There were only six volunteers (including me!), which is less than vol. 3's volunteers. I met Gagat, Edo, Oddy, Lini, and Sita. And my, umm...some kind of volunteers' coordinator, named Tinta and the other crew. They were cool, and so adult. It was like I'm the only junior high student and they're professional workers. But no worry, Sita was my best bud there! x) We shopped, we talked, we shared....hell yeah she's like my own sister. There was a moment where we spent our really 'quality' time cutting plastic for the tenants to cover their stuffs. Well, I was happy to do that, but my bones were disagree.

"SUNDAY MARKET is a conceptual market which combining four elements : Fashion, Music, Art and Good Food blending into one packed of entertainment. Held in Surabaya Town Square, designed and merchandised to meet the needs of buyers of moderate, better and contemporary collections."
One stop entertainment, that's how I call it. And this month, the theme is Tokyo Rising, which is providing you with Japanese things. There were a lot of sakura at the gate. And there was a kaiju, a japanese monster, which you probably have seen it from Pacific Rim movie. On the first day, there were performances from four different band with various japanese songs. Sorry to say, but I didn't really get the music. On the last day, there were two performances from indie bands. Have you heard about Agrikulture? They were so sick that night! I wasn't able to watch them on the stage, but I still could hear them and I was like, "Hey, this is my jam!"

Booth C2O, my fav one! They sell postcards, simple vintage notes, vinyl, etc.

It was hard to get a piece! But the taste is so damn delicious x

There were a lot of unique stuffs! I really wanted to take pictures by myself, but I was too busy. So I took all photos from Sunday Market Surabaya's facebook page. See what you've missed. Sunday Market next volume will be held on February 2014. Can't wait!!! Even I started to work at 8 am and went home at 2 am, I hope I'll be able to take part on this event again *finger crossed* I've seen pubs, hot chicks, people drink beers, which I used to think those activities are scary, but hey, I can take care of myself. I'm not doing those things but I can't stop myself from making friendship with them.

Welcome to freedom!....and democracy.. x


Hello 2014!

Well, I don't know if I can post this on Jan 1st 2014, so I better post it now! :)
As you can see, I've said goodbye to my over-than-two-hundred-posts and thirty-thousand-page-views. I'm starting over. At first, I was just gonna delete the posts-that-make-me-super-sick and the posts that totally not important, but well, it was hard to do, and deleted all of them in one click was so much easier ;) So welcome to the clean slate!

I'm not planning to write any of my love story or making this blog as a diary, no way! This blog is gonna be about travel, food, family, friends, and work! If you haven't heard, yeah I have job now, like, a real one. If you want to read my review about movies and music, you can go here and if you want to jump to my book world, you are welcome to visit this blog.

I know I don't update this blog as often as I used to, but I promise you that this blog is gonna be more....errr....useful!! Informative. Mature. Bright. What else? Well I think that's all. I haven't figured out another terms. I don't know which language I'm gonna use for the rest of the posts, but I think English is better, even I'm not that expert on English. But hey, we gotta learn, right? Oh and FYI, I've changed my google account. So for you who are already following this blog and I'm not following you yet, please let me know :) I'll be happy to keep in touch.

Ciao x